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Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals
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CELINA JAITLEY     Photo 1 of 11
Celina Jaitley and her ordeals


2009 >>India >>Delhi Airport:

Celina Jaitley was going through the security check for her morning flight to Mumbai. She was subjected to body frisking and her belongings were scanned.

She was shocked after realising that her expensive state of the art iPod and Blackberry were scratched while quite a few other things in her bag were broken.

What Celina Says about this :

"I agree that authorities are doing their duty and we too are completely cooperating with the security measures. It is for our own benefit and I understand that we should comply with them. However, who gives them the right to mishandle things belonging to others? It was heartbreaking to see my stuff in a bad shape. Both my iPod as well as Blackberry have lost their sheen due to callous attitude of men who were doing the scan."

Worse, the cops who were apparently responsible for the damage, were found smiling even as Celina was complaining against them.

Celina further says:

"These guys don't know how to behave with women. I went up to the officer in charge and all he could say was 'Sorry'? Also, they told me in no uncertain terms that they couldn't repair what was broken. Moreover, the guys who did it were grinning in front of him. What a shame! Someone ought to teach these cops how to behave with women".

It wasn't just the material loss that angered Celina. During the same time, she also saw an old female passenger being pushed around. When she approached the officer in charge, all she got from him was a casual 'sorry'.

Celina further says:

"I was not only angry with them for breaking my stuff but for their misbehaviour with other women. They are there to secure us and not to humiliate, insult and manhandle us, especially women. They are misusing the power of uniform everywhere now-a-days. At the end of the day we are paying passengers and they can't break our things, insult us and indulge in indecent behaviour,"

Though there wasn't any major showdown at the airport post Celina's outburst, women around her were certainly appreciative about her courage to voice her displeasure.

Celina further says:

"True, the women there were thanking me and one of them even said that I did what they couldn't have possibly done in fear. Well, nice to hear this as a compliment, but my request to all womenfolk out there is - 'Fight for yourself and raise your voice in events like this'. Till the time we don't come out in open and let the authorities know that they are there to help us and not harass us, such shameful things would continue to happen."

Source, BollywoodWorld.Com,,

When I saw this news I got interest in her and searched Internet to know about her (till that time, i really dont know who she is.):

Biodata of Celina :

Celina Jaitley is the most sophisticated and irresistible actress in Bollywood. She is a former Miss India and was the fourth runner up in the 2001 Miss Universe Pageant. She is 5'6” tall and her nickname is ‘chinto’. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 9th June 1981 to an Afghan mother and Indian father.
She is daughter of a Punjabi father who was an Indian Army officer. Her mother is an Afghan and is a child psychologist by profession. Her schooling was done all over the country due to the frequent transfers of her father. She had to change thirteen schools till her Board exams. Presently her family stays in Bangalore. Celina’s past five generations have served the army and there was a point of time in her life, when she was also tinkering with the idea of taking the Combined Defense Services exam.

Then I searched for photos of Celina, now one of my respectable humanbeings, and have given here after doing some tinkering.

Ok. Let's Learn a Phrase today :

In the above News, there is a phrase 'STATE OF THE ART' (marked in red). When this phrase was first used?

There was one book with name The gas turbine: progress in the design and construction of turbines operated by gases of combustion which was released in 1910. In this book, it is quoted like this: ..... In the present state of the art this is all that can be done.

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